... or busy days are really busy nowadays



Yes, I didn't write for a while and I don't have much to defend myself except excuses. I must admit that job changes and retro time are definitely not best friends. RetroKomp/LoadError 2017 party didn't help either ... but was damn awesome :D Cheers Lotharek ;P

To be honest, I've started way too many projects at the same time. 20x A500s, 2x VIC-20, 8x Atari STFM ... but no worries, it will all be covered here :) I just need more time !! :D
Few pics to show you that I am not a liar ;P

Dirty Amiga

Yup, that's correct. This time I wanted to show you how I've restored a slightly dirty Amiga CDTV. Unfortunately, no hax included .. just pure cleaning.
Let's start.

Some time ago I've got a CDTV keyboard on a flea market. Refurbishing it took quite a while and was covered in one of my previous posts
Since then, I wanted to get a CDTV ... and I've got one finally.
Here is how it looked right after getting it.

I had to test it somehow. Obviously, I've inserted a CD with music made by my fellow group member XTD/Lamers

Tons of dust attacked my workshop right after removing metal cover.
Few pics below.

Mandatory dead insect was there ofcourse :D

Inside of a PSU.

Cleaning it

PSU and other parts where well dedusted and cleaned.
Slow assembly process followed shortly.

There were only three minor things that I had to fix.
First was a coil cap that fell off somehow.

Second, a slightly broken front panel buttons, but that was fixed quickly with a soldering iron. The third and final problem was a slightly damaged metal cover. It was straightened easily with flat pliers.

Job done

Here is how it looked after cleaning. Obviously XTD again ;)

A short vid ;)

That's it. Short and boring post ;P
Next post will be definitely different ;)