Another day, another C64

... or how to reanimate a dead breadbin case

Photo of a week

Just have a look what I've got recently :D
A Commodore 64 that worked on submarine vessel ;P

The Plan

I've been doing some cleaning some time ago and I've found a breadbin case. Unfortunately, it was sorta fatigued. At nearly the same time, I've finally managed to successfully repair a breadbin motherboard - 2504007 rev. B. But let me start from the beginning.
The plan was to repair an old case, supply it with the proper keyboard and insert a freshly fixed motherboard in it.

Breadbin case fixes

Here is how it looked after a thorough cleaning.
I've also covered all badges with protective tape to prepare it for upcoming works.

I've started mixing putty ingredients and started applying the first layer.

The bottom part wasn't in that bad shape so while waiting for a putty to fully cure, I've started to apply undercoating.

I've sanded a putty once it was cured.
I didn't bother to fix minor imperfections since another layer of putty (spray) was planned.

Next step was to apply spray putty, wait till its dry and sand it again afterward - repeat if needed. That fixed all minor scratches and filled small holes.
Here is a shot after doing the first round of above process.

In the mean time, bottom part dried and was ready for spraying with a layer of blue paint ;)

First layer.

Second layer.

Here is a paint that I've used.

After a while, I've also painted top part but had a minor problem with a little bastard ...

More fixes

Another thing that had to be done was to 3D print a replacement connector plate model that I've found on Thingiverse --> Model here
Some failed 3D prints later ... ;)

When freshly sprayed paint dried I've noticed that bottom part is missing mounting brackets. Grrrr, I should have spotted that earlier.

Anyway, idea how to fix it was born instantly.
I've bent a steel wire, so it resembled a bracket.

Epoxy resin was used to hold it in place.

Motherboard fixes

Motherboard that I've got was pretty much dead.
Quick diag tests followed and I already knew that
PLA chip and both CIA chips are fried.
At that time I was only aware that PLA chips often fail.
However, I didn't know what is exact cause. Quick google explained a lot.
Here is relevant article Anyway, my original PLA was fried and I didn't have a replacement. Me and Johny/Lamers tested EpromPLA the other day but we've killed it in a process :D
However, I still had a PCB for it. I've come up with an idea to put binary PLA dump on a flash chip - SST27C512.

..... aaaaand it worked ! :D C64 booted successfully so I've quickly replaced CIA chips and was ready for some testing.

FlashROM PLA might not work with every software/cartridge but it surely works with SD2IEC and loads most of the games and software just fine.

Final results

That's it. New builds are coming ;)


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