... or how shipping company did it again.

I've never had 16 bit Atari computer, therefore, I am a complete noob if it is about ST series.
These machines are still rather cheap so I decided that whenever occasion comes, I'll simply buy it.

One day (most probably Friday ;>), after having few shots of liquid, which looks like brominated water ( but it's not :> )
while I was happily doing < INSERT WHATEVER HERE >, I noticed a new message on my IM. It was a message from my fellow demo scene group member, Szeryf of Lamers (DemoScene group). Szeryf was browsing popular bidding portal and found an interesting 'buy-now' offer. It was Atari 1040 STe with a monochrome SM124 monitor. The price wasn't extremely encouraging but .. remember that "brominated water" that I mentioned a while ago ? ...it has special properties, I can tell you that :> It simply solves problems with decision making. 3.2565 seconds later I was a happy owner of Atari 1040 STe and waiting for delivery.


So the problem was that I wasn't at home when a package arrived.
I simply got a call from a shipping company.They asked if they can leave my package at my neighbour, just next door. Of course, I agreed.
Once I got back, I've rushed to my neighbour to pick up my package.
... and it looked like this

I was like ....

But hey ! It was a working machine, after all :D

Atari 1040 STE Puzzle Project - The Beginning from pit on Vimeo.

The great rebuild

Thankfully, guy who sold it to me, wrapped the whole thing in a stretch wrap, so, when I've put all pieces on a table, I figured that only a few pieces are missing.
Atari case is made of ABS. Important fact is that it reacts with acetone very well. This is crucial because when acetone dissolves ABS, it creates a sort of a glue out of pieces you are trying to bind. Using it solves colour problems and creates strong bind as opposed to cyano-acrylate that would make it brittle like fake titties on an airplane ;P

Piece by piece, I was slowly putting it all back.

This is lower part of case pretty much fixed (still missing few pieces)

Here is a photo of pieces that left.
I've used it in various places that needed a filling.

Finally got it done

Applying putty and sanding .... finishing in general

So I finally got it glued all together but I still needed to apply putty to smooth out cracks. The photo below shows how it looked just after applying putty.

After a bit of sanding, it was ready to spray on a layer of undercoating.

It turned out, undercoating that I had in my garage nearly fits a colour of original Atari, plus it leaves nice in touch matt.

Next task was to clean up a keyboard. I've skipped chemical whitening this time. I was just too impatient so F-keys are still yellowish.

Also, there are few accessories worth mentioning.
I've got these sweeties from Lotharek of course

First one, is a cased version of Ultra Satan.
Great device. It adds support for SD/MMC card storage.
BIG thanks to Bart030 for setting up SD card Image !
Link: http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=94

Second is NetUSBee. A device that adds Ethernet support and 2 USB ports.
Link: http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=73

Mission complete !

So yeah , that was sort of a rebuild. No worries, when shipping company does it again- You can always fix it! and its fun !

After assembly, It looks like this.
(yeah, I know, I've gotta fix these F-keys ;) )

And works like this

Atari 1040 STe Puzzle Project finally finished from pit on Vimeo.