C64 Breadbin - restoration again

... or a glossy keyboard attack !

No STORY this time

That's right, short and pure restoration of a cool C64 Breadbin that was presumably dug out of some sort of dungeon lol.

PCB straight from dungeon keepers collection


I did some experiments with whitening on the sun ...

... and with my own new chemical method, however, best effects I achieved with lately discovered method - which I call PDWPE lol !

PDWPE stands for Prolonged Dark Warm Perhydrol Exposure method <-- hell yeah ! I always wanted to create my own acronym :D That method was described in my previous post along with various hax.
Original gray color came back but I didn't use this case in the end - it was broken and I didn't have time to fix it. Instead, I've put PCB in a slightly yellowed one, but a still cool case.

Anyway, Let's move on. I had to desolder few parts to refurbish 'em properly.

That also helped to clean entire PCB better.

After a bit of sanding and brushing:

Connectors were a bit .... rusty too

After a bit of work:

There was also a lot of corrosion under power socket and power button.

I've fixed it like in a CPC job


Once PCB was fixed and case ready I could start working with keyboard fixes. Obviously to allow myself to type like a PRO :)

First I had t o clean 'em all. Obviously, all keys lost its original shine.

Fortunately, this time I was prepared for this :>
Quick acetone vapour bath fixed that issue.
(bottom ones are already fixed )

I still had a problem with several broken key cap posts.
I've fixed it with short 3mm screws that I've put in place of broken posts. I've simply heated up screws with a gas torch and kinda melted it in tops of plastic posts.
Then, I've gently tapped key caps with a 3 mm screw.

After that, I was able to screw key caps on.

There is a small problem with above photos. I couldn't screw on key caps that are next to each other, so I've solved it with swapping locations of original posts with my hacked ones to match following configuration.

Final result with all key caps in place.

Final assembly

Below are photos of finished unit ;)
I hope you like it :)


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