Various hax - Part two

... or small hax overload


Let's start with a photo of the week.
Proposed title - "Y U NO WORK ??!!"
Any idea what hardware it is ? :>

Another day, another post ... kinda delayed because of VmWorld conference.

Soooo,this is another post about small hacks that piled up for past few weeks and are hopefully worth a look .... like this radiator-massacre that I've found recently. :D

SD2IEC built in C16

My friend Gepard of Lamers asked me to install an SD2IEC inside his C16 that he bought some time ago.
I've opened it and was kinda surprised what I've found inside ...
Just have a look at the photos. I am putting it here just 4 t3h lulz ;)

... yeah ... quite a nice soldering ... The switch mounted on a back of a case is a RAM changing mod.

Anyway, I needed to look for a nice place to install an SD2IEC.
Swap disk button and LEDs were hot glued above sd2iec PCB.

This is where I've put it.

And it works ;)

ZX Spectrum +2 Grey - emblem renovation

I've figured a way to renew my Speccy +2 silver emblem.
Originally it was kinda worn out:

Since I didn't have a small and stiff brush, I've made one myslef ;)
... witha piece of wire

Idea was to use Aluminium spray paint.
Canned spray paint is never thick, therefore it fits this task perfectly.
I've sprayed a bit of it into a cup and gently painted emblem letters with my hacked brush ;)

C64 Powered via 1A USB charger

Yeah ... I was surprised too ;)

Uber lame prototype is combined with DC-DC step-up converter and a small PCB with USB socket :D

Here is how it works

C64c powered by USB charger ?? from pit on Vimeo.

I've also made a variation of it with a regular and cheap 9V DC power supply.
Obviously again, with cheap, Chinese DC-DC step-up converter.

I've quickly designed and 3D printed a small case for a converter.

I was testing it with C64(short board) running a Commnado for 2 hours and nothing major happened.
I'll be launching some heavy tests later.

C64 new PSU from pit on Vimeo.

Atari 800XL badge update

That is just an updated to one of me recent posts
It finally arrived so here it is already glued on.

Broken trace joining

A single strand of thin copper wire is useful when fixing broken traces on a PCB.

C64 New PSU housing

Again PSU :D
Believe it or not but this PSU came with one of C64c that I've bought on a bidding portal.

It works but looks sort of ugly :P
I decided that I'll design a housing for it
Here are STL files for all of you 3D printing folks ;)

Parts already printed and initially postprocessed.

Wrapping it up.

As usual, I've put parts to acetone bath to give it a nice glossy look.
End results.

That's it for today ;)
If you have any questions feel free to drop it in a comment below ;)


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